About Our Products

At Hiltonbury Jerseys, we are delighted to be able to serve our delicious products to all our customers from our farm shop in Compton.

Our delicious RAW and Pasteurised Jersey milk is a taste you have not experienced before! It is very unique and made from our award-winning quality Jersey cows.

Our pasteurised milk is only heated to 63° and is not homogenised or standardized, which is so much better for you and will keep for 7 days.

Our Fresh Raw Jersey Milk is fresh every day and can be kept for up to 4 days, and it can also be frozen for use at a later date!

Hiltonbury Jerseys are very proud to be able to offer our customers a range of top quality, delicious products from Fresh Jersey Milk, Jersey fudge, Jersey cream & traditional Jersey ice cream to homegrown Vegetables.

All of our products are produced here on our farm, plus we also stock other homemade products from small local businesses.

Please read the relevant sections below for more information.

Our Farm Shop

Located in Compton, just outside of Winchester is where you will find our farm shop.

Situated within our working farm you can purchase the following items:

  • Fresh Raw Jersey Milk – We have pre-bottled raw Jersey milk that is available 7 days a week from 9 am to 6 pm served from our farm fridge.
  • Fresh Pasteurised Jersey Milk – We have a vending machine where you can bottle your own fresh Jersey milk (this milk is not homogenised).
  • Jersey Fudge – We have a selection of Jersey fudge which has been produced on our farm made from our delicious girls milk.
  • Traditional Jersey Ice Cream – We produce on farm our own style traditional ice cream.
  • Fresh Raw Jersey Cream – Produced here on our farm, our raw cream is second to none. Ideal for pouring onto your deserts!
  • Fresh Free Range Eggs – We have regular stock of these eggs and supply egg cartons to pick & pack yourself.
  • Fresh Duck Eggs – Delicious and popular with our customers, if you fancy something different, give these a try.
  • Quail Eggs – Grab them while you can! They do not hang around long.
  • Home Reared Beef – Fresh home reared beef (Because our beef is very popular, we do recommend you call us before you come!)
  • Cakes & Bread – We stock a large range of homemade cakes, scones and bread with different varieties every day.
  • Vegetables  / Fruit – Homegrown vegetables and fruit including carrots, asparagus, leaks, rhubarb, potatoes, apples and more.
  • Honey / Jams – Locally made honey, jams and marmalades for something rewarding!

Our milk vending machine and refridgerated produce


Fresh vegetables and dry products


Large selection of dry mixes


Great selection of various produce


Fresh Jersey Milk served from our vending machine. £1.80 1ltr and £2.90 2ltr


Great selection of dry mixes


Fresh Raw Jersey Milk served from our vending machine. £2.50 1ltr and £4.50 2ltr


Selection of our cakes and confectionery


Our jams and marmalades come in a variety of flavours

Buy Duck Eggs & Chicken Eggs On Our Farm

Fresh chicken, duck and quails eggs ready to take away

Buy Your Fresh Vegetables From Hiltonbury Jerseys

We have a large selection of vegetables in our shop

Jersey fudge made from our gorgeous girls.

Such clever girls to produce such high quality produce.


Our homemade, delicious and well presented honey


Our Jersey ice cream sold from our trailer.

Where to Buy Locally

If you live local to us and would prefer to purchase our products in person, they are available from our farm in Compton, Winchester. We are open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm.
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