Welcome To Our Farm!

We are a small dairy farm based in Compton in Winchester with our herd which consists of around 140 prize winning pedigree jersey cows. We produce top quality Fresh Raw Milk, Jersey Beef, Homemade Delicious Cream, Free Range Eggs and much more.
We sell our Raw Milk on our farm from our vending machine alongside our other products.
You can now get our beautiful Raw Milk and other products delivered straight to your door, just click on the Shop link above.

Our Farm Shop

Our farm shop based in Compton, Winchester, is where you can buy our raw milk, cream and other products.

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Meet Our Cows

Come and take a look around our farm, we have some lovely images of our cows, fields and life on the farm.

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Online Shop

From fresh raw Jersey milk and cream to eggs, honey and jam, we have everything you need and more.

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Fresh Is Best!

Straight From Our Cows To You

Our prize winning pedigree jersey cows produce a rich and creamy flavour from the lush green grass of our farmland here in Hampshire. The milk is completely raw so it has not been pasteurized or homogonised.

Our Products

Raw Milk

Fresh raw Jersey milk straight from the cow!


Fresh raw Jersey cream made on our farm.


Fresh free range eggs in packs of 6 & 12.


Locally produced quality honey and jams.

Our Online Shop

Where to Buy Locally

If you live local to us and would prefer to purchase our products in person, they are available from our farm in Compton, Winchester.
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Online Orders

Due to the current situation, our home delivery service has been stopped until further notice.
Though the online shop shows products “Out Of Stock”, this is simply to stop any orders being placed on our website.
However, we have plenty of stock on all our products in our farm shop for you to come and purchase.