Our Farm

In 1947, Oliver’s maternal grandfather, John Vining, established the Hiltonbury Jersey Herd at Hiltonbury Farm, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. The third generation to farm at Hiltonbury, via a private landlord.

It happened almost by accident.

Two TB outbreaks had devastated the Shorthorn Herd and John (my grandfather) purchased some Jersey cattle from his cousin, Norman Cooper, who owned the famous Hursley Herd and this was when the Hiltonbury Herd was established.

Various additions from other well-known herds, including Catteshall and Paxford, enhanced the breeding. A new parlour and cubicle house enabled the herd to expand to 70, in 1970.

In 1976, John retired and the herd was moved to Velmore Farm, Chandlers Ford, under the ownership of his daughter, Heather, and son-in-law Gordon, the herd then grew to 185 cows plus followers with the same landlord.

Oliver bought the remaining group of eight in-calf heifers with the Hiltonbury prefix and started farming in his own right in 2003, with several Holsteins, at Longdown Dairy Farm, Totton, Southamptom, with a different landlord. The Holsteins were soon sold and the Hiltonbury Herd expanded with additions from some selected herds such as Barnowl, IJB, Pierrepont, Wellhead and Wotton.

In 2004 the herd was moved to Uplands Farm, Botley. This was let via the Hampshire County Council, although the herd moved again in 2019, as Uplands Farm will undergo development.

The herd is at present 130 milking, with 110 young stock and is now at Attwoods Drove Farm, Compton, Winchester.

Our Farm In Pictures

My grandfather John Vining

My grandfather John Vining outside the Hiltonbury Farmhouse

which is now a pub at Miller Dale

Ker-Plunk grazing

Hiltonbury Centurion Kerplunk EX94-4E
6th lact 5902kg 6.42% fat 4.26% prot
VG86 daughter by Excitation
VG87 daughter by Comerica
2015 daughter by Actionman
2017 daughter by Firepower

Indian Summer

Hiltonbury Ringmasters Indian Sun EX92-3E
5th lact 6837kg 6.31% fat 3.66% prot
VG daughters by Remake & Paramount

indigo grazing

Hiltonbury Q Zik Indigo VG87
4th lact 6810kg 6.31% fat 3.89% prot


Hiltonbury Ringmasters Ingot VG89
9th lact 6516kg 6.53% fat 4.25% prot
VG86 Verify daughter
2017 daughter by Comerica
2018 daughter by Firepower
Now in her 10th lact

Harriet grazing

Hiltonbury Sultans Harriet VG88
2nd lact 6328kg at 5.82% fat 3.75% prot

Where to Buy Locally

If you live local to us and would prefer to purchase our products in person, they are available from our farm in Compton, Winchester. We are open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm.
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